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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

idea... idea....

well thanks to malaysianbrides.com.... hahaha, quite an informative website for me to search about anythings.... and right know i just browsing to do some budgetary :p on wedding favor

Fridge magnet: star base , qadri trading

Bottle: Qualitypack links thanks to Cik Lijah & Rai. bottle was quite usefull. boleh letak mcm2 tau.

Other ideas: mostly harga mahal. just to give me an idea tentang wedding favor je. and general idea of the cost. hahaha


lovely gift

wedding gift

fabulous floral


bubble gift

wedding favor inspiration

wedding cottage

perfect match

riff wedding

hm, aku skrg ni tgh buat kira2 la... on which item to spend more and where to cut. hahaha. so, i'll know how to spend while save some. hahaha. ini kiranye dari rentetan N3 how to budget your wedding: cik lijah- bukan puteri cinderella tu la :P. hehehe. thank cik lijah....

just one question to ponder: kata kan lah, if you have an extra money to spend on wedding, around RM1-2k, what would you like to spend on?

a) tambah budget untuk pelamin & deco? use fresh flower?

b) hire profesional wedding photographer?

c) hire profesional make-up artis?

d) buy more expensive wedding favor?

e) spend on honeymoon?

f) buy gift to parents?

g) others?


Ayu said...

e) spend on honeymoon :D

Cik Lijah - BuKan PuTerI CinDeReLla said...

i would rather give to parents, spend on honeymoon, atau buat simpanan masa depan....kalo cik jane nak bg kite pon ok...kih3

plain jane said...

oh... thanks Ayu & Cik Lijah... hm, kena amik cuti panjang ni nak p honeymoon. hahahha