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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Daily Supplement

Salam and good afternoon...

So, how's lunch? Any good?
Care to suggest me any delicious meal or restaurant that i should try?

I loves food. And love to try a new one. But since i lost my weight, i've been watching my calories intake closely. Well, do not want it to go uncontrolled like last time :)

Many who know me, or around me this past 4 years know how big i am before especially during my pregnancy. Well, i was huge. Yes i know and realized it. People may says it normal for a woman to increased weight during pregnancy, but to be big like you carry a twin is not normal, right? Hahaha. Both of my pregnancy, i kept getting a comment like i were carrying a twin, but it really just 1 baby inside me. And, my baby not so big ( both weight below 4 kgs), it me the whole time who having those fat around my body.

So, i was glad that i was able to shade all those fat. Aim to loose another 4kgs stubborn fat this year...
My total weight lost were 13kgs for 3 months. Then stagnant for 2 months. Hahaha.

Well, so now i've been calculating my calories intake. Do not want it to be overboard so much. Well, for someone who 💘 food so much, my intake usually on par with my requirements or extra a bit.

That's why, I filled the gap of vitamins requirements with supplement. It's not because i do not support natural elements/ natural food.

Wah, some people may said, so many supplement... Well, not much actually;
Olive and habatussauda before breakfast
Vit c after breakfast
Alfafa after lunch
Phytonatal after dinner
Ostematrix before sleep

Its simple....
So, do i eat it everyday? Not necessarily. But most of the time i do take them. If i forgot, nevermind. Its not a medicine, its just a supplement.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Massage 💆

Salam and hai...

Its good to be back...
Well not back in Malaysia, but back in blogging world.
I love writing. It's improve my language skill. But nowadays have no time for it.
Now back to my Bangkok trip.

After arriving, of course we do our work and many others. But that later i will tell. Now i want to write about massage parlors... hahaha.
There's many around Bangkok. But this was suggest by a friend's because the place covered, 2 customers per room if you want to do body massage. With clean good hygiene and reasonable price, i went to this place twice...
The place was called Health Land Asoke, just behind our hotel Grande Centre Point Terminal 21.
Our group just walk in without any appointments (both time) and the only available type were thai body massage or the other oil massage package. I did not try the oil massage because expensive, around 1700 to 3000 baht. But the thai body massage was ok, only 550 baht for 2 hours. Ok right?
You all should try this. It so good to relieve your tired feet and tensed shoulder. But don't forget to tips the massage lady because it a common courtesy here. Just give them 50 to 100 baht if you satisfied.
There also sell some spa product for you to try. I buy scented soap also bath and massage oil for my mum.
Ok, time to sleep now... bubye...

Thursday, March 16, 2017

KLIA to Bangkok via MAS

We met again... hihi.

Continue our journey to Bangkok the next morning by Erl.
ERL transit start at 5.45am. But ERL express start at 4am if i'm not mistaken. What the difference? Transit stop at many stations, while express only stop at KLIA2, KLIA, KL Sentral. 5 🌟 service.

Then we take a MAS flight to Bangkok. Flight was full. No flat screen for each passenger like Malindo Air huhuhu. But we are served with a delicious nasi lemak or scrambled egg with potato and sausage. I choose nasi lemak of course.
The nasi lemak was with not so spicy prawns sambal (chilies), chicken rendang, and boil egg. But no veggies.
In each box also have oat nestum cookies, and salted peanuts, also cup of mineral water. Then can choose to drink apple juice, or orange juice, or coke, or sprites, or tea and coffee.
Even tho the stewardess were a bit older than Malindo Air's but i think they are around my age. But they call me 'adik'... My appearance look like a student maybe... Hahaha. They also give me some  cupcake.
The flight was smooth even when take off and landing. Such a fine pilot. Salute. 4 🌟 for Mas experience.

Penang to KLIA via Malindo air

Hello and hai...
This was my first time flying in Malindo Air Plane.
My travel companion and me took flight from Penang airport at around 3pm and arrived around 1 hour later.
The flight was ok. A bit bumpy during take off and landing buts all went smooth and safe, Alhamdulillah.
In my opinion, the space was a bit bigger than Air Asia flight, and more luxury because each have monitor to watch movie or play games ect.
Even tho it was a short flight, we were served with a refreshment, orange juice.
The stewardess were all beautiful. And friendly too.
Overall experience was excellent. 4 out of 5 🌟

After arrivals, we go to KLIA2 by ERL transit because we stay at Tune Hotel. Tickets per journey only RM2, takes about 3 minutes.

Accommodation at Tune Hotel, was ok. Just basic facilities to stay for 1 night but it was convenient because so near to the airport and the is walkways from the klia2 building to the hotel.

We have dinner at NZ curry house at ground floor of klia2. The food looks delicious, but unfortunately cold. And expensive too. 2 🌟

Then we buy stuff (food) in Kk Mart at ground floor too. Well it was expensive. 2 🌟. Better go for 7eleven at Tune Hotel, or Watson.

Tips for a novice like me, survey first.... :p

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mar 2017 promotion

EmulsifierThis month, we have this two promotion; Lecithin and VitaLea

Lecithin is nature emulsifier, far soluble substance that help maintaining body health.
It has many good effect.

While VitaLea is multivitamin for children.


Salam and good morning....

Have you heard of shaklee? Sure many of you know this brand...
I just become a distributor on late January 2017 after consuming the product for 3 month...
Why suddenly?
I am sure, for one who know me, i am sucker for natural remedies....

Actually i was looking for a calcium supplement for such a longtime. Me who did not drink milk and not eaten much other calcium source (like brocoli, almond ect), find that a pills is a better way to add a calcium in my body.
Wow, why i need a calcium? How do you know your body need calcium?
Well, after 2 years breastfeed my first child, and pregnant with second, i find that  by body were giving signal of calcium deficiency. Leg cramp, body aches, brittle hair, heels crack, nail easily crack, and dry skin :(.
Before trying oste, already tried 2 other brand, no have no significant change. I love oste because not only have effect on bone, but also others,like easily pass stool early in the morning. Well, for a person like me, that was a good effect. Excellent actually. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. Now taking it every night before sleep.
Another product that i used before becoming a distributor was Vit c. I already received stock in my hand, but decided to delay taking it because have other brand that still not finished yet. At that time, i was having a flu, sore throat, coughing and on and off fever for already a month. I was taking vit c pills (not shaklee), oranges, honey (bee and keluluk) everyday. But still not getting better.
So i was asking for a tips to a Facebook friends. My shaklee supplier advised to take 2 or 3 pills per day. Other people said to eat honey, garlic, pineapple and so on. So went back home and looking at the shaklee vit c pills bottle, and said, "well, why don't i try eating this? Hm, if not ok, will giving it to my sister (because she looking for a supplement for skin)"
After try for 2 days, Alhamdulillah with Allah permission, my flu were gone...
And that's the day i decided to become shaklee distributor...

If you would like to order just contact me Izan/ Jane 013-7844088

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2015 to 2016

Wow, such a ling time...

2015 and 2016 was quite a busy year for me.
Me hopping with the job schedule, getting pregnant, giving birth, alternate between 2  houses and so on and so on... then 2 years gone with the wind....
Actually planning to update the blog, but did not have time to do that except at home :(... Well i cannot do that, because that's the only time i have to give to both my children.
So, why suddenly now? Haha. Now i'm alone having a very good 'me time' in Bangkok during a VIV exhibition and educational trip organized by a veterinary pharmaceutical company.
Just arrived this morning and now really tired...
After pop-up some pills (ostematrix), i'm gonna have a very peaceful sleep :).

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Saya Kembali.... :)


Jane kembali lagi, yeay.....

Fuh, Fuh, Fuh.... tiup sawang....
Lama tak jengah-jengah blog ni.... dah penuh habuk dan sawang :(....

Sibuk sikit dengan urusan pindah rumah dan atur jadual kerja tugasan-tugasan baru...
Urusan pindah rumah dah selesai 90% :P. Yang tak selesai lagi hanya dapur sahaja....

Insya-Allah bermula dari minggu depan hidup akan teratur sikit dan dapat lah berblogging selalu... Sekurang-kurangnya sekali seminggu mesti ada post baru....

Buat masa ini, kurang dapat melawat blog rakan-rakan semua... Tapi akan ku cuba curi-curi masa untuk melawat kamu semua...

Kepada yang rajin singgah di blog yang tak seberapa ini, terima kasih banyak-banyak ye.... Love you all :)... Hehehe, macam la ramai sangat yang datang :P... Tak apa, ada sorang yang datang pun amat ku hargai :)

Sempena bulan February nanti nak buat giveaway lah.... Sempena ulangtahun perkahwinan kami :). Tunggu ye... Harap-harap akan ada sokongan penyertaan dari rakan-rakan sekalian.

Ok lah, bye, jumpa lagi dalam masa terdekat ni :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Semoga tahun 2015 ini akan menjadi lebih baik dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mini Giveaway #1 dari blogger Syeeda Saniey


Berita baik bagi penggemar Adijuma...
Ini ada mini GA dari blog syeedasaniey.blogspot.com

Giveaway berlangsung sehingga 24/12/2014 jam 11.59 malam.

Jom ramai-ramai sertai.