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My weight loss journey

i just want to start my weight loss programme. so, here i will jot down weekly progress on the journey.
hopefully it will get me motivated and discipline throughout the way.

21/02/2011 Monday
start my journey....
Bdwt: 76.6kg
Height: 162cm
BMI -> 29 (overweight near obese)
Body measurement:
Chest 38"   Arm 15.5"   Waist 36"   Hip 43"   Thigh 26"

Changing eating behavior:
1) drink 2-3L plain water
2) light breakfast 1-2 pack og oatmeal jacob biscuit
3) normal meal but with control proportion
4) light dinner 2 pack of jacob biscuit with cup of cuppocino (sometimes plus apple or pear)
5) no unhealthy snack like chocolate, soft drink.

27/02/11 Monday
Bdwt: 75.0kg (loss 1.6kg)

07/03/11 Monday
Bdwt: 73.7kg (loss another 1.3kg)
BMI: 28.1 (overweight)
Body measurement:
Chest 35"   Arm 14.5"   Waist 36"   Hip 43"   Thigh 26"

09/03/11 Wednesday
Start using Herbalife products (F1, F3 and teamix)

plus add a coach to my weight loss journey Miss Adieha

14/03/11 Monday
Bdwt: 73.7kg
BMI: 28.1 (overweight)

why my weight stagnant:
here were some reasons:
1) no exercise this week
2) makan di 2 buah rumah kenduri (taken too much red meat + curry + kurma)
3) food portion for dinner OR lunch terlebih.... ikut sangat nafsu makan

28/03/11 Monday
Bdwt: 72.9kg (loss 0.8kg)

why i skip 2 weeks before weighing? theres 2 reasons that connected.
1) on 21/03 my weight increase. why?
because that weekend i eat quite a lot at rumah kenduri and then travel to alor star. i didn't take herbalife there except herbal tea. that's why.
2) another reason i didn't record the weight is i do not want to be discourage by the increment..... i do not want to be stress and unmotivated.
now i'm back with quite a strict diet regime. i just don't exercise...... soooooo lazy.

Bdwt: 72.0kg (loss 0.9kg)

kenapa takde review lama....? actually sibuk memang aku tak sempat nak timbang. serius. bz amat.
lgpun waktu2 aku cuti balik kg memang aku tak timbang.
furthermore aku culas. aku tak makan herbalife dekat 2 minggu. 1st balik kg mak masak sedap. 2nd akak kantin tu masak lauk sedap2 aku tak tahan godaan. 3rd aku malas nak blend herbalife lagi2 waktu pagi bila aku bangun lambat.... tak sempat.

wpun tak makan herbalife berat aku maintain tak naik sebab aku kontrol portion makanan. hahaha. selamat tak naik.... syukur..... kalu tak stress seminggu.

so this week aku start semula herbalife dengan disiplin yg kuat... cross my finger and hope for the best....

2/5/11 Monday
Bdwt: 70.4kg (loss 1.6kg) yeah.....

oh... sepanjang bln 6 langsung tak update kan....? sbb berat badan statik di 70kg pasal langsung tak amik HL. buzy sangat duh.....

so, bln 7 ni akan sambung weight lost journey.....

hwahahahahhaa.... buzy sgt tak sempat update. tp weight loss sgt slow.... baru turun 69kg.....

 turun lagi 2 kilo jadi 66kg....