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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wish list 2014....

haha... org lain buat azam untuk new year... aku wat wish list lak....

Ala, list biasa2 jer yg agak2 leh dapat...
1) Laptop / notebook baru (target Jan)
  • screen luas 14" to 16"
  • ada camera
  • Ram power (need more than 4gb RAM)
  • ada wifi & bluetooth
  • price range below RM2500. prefer below RM2000

anyone can suggest?
Fancy Asus-N56Vz but a bit higher than budget....

2) Hset Samsung Galaxy S3 (Target March)
Harap2 by next year turun harga lagi.... Now leh dpt RM1075 kat Lazada....
ni nak gantikan hset yg dah masuk air.... huhuhu....
120504-samsung-galaxy-s-III-02 - Copy.jpg

3) Samsung Tab 3 (Target Feb)

Nak hadiah kat En Bee February nanti.... Budget below RM1k.

4) Oven (target Jan)
but still thinking oven or microwave oven... hm....

Different oven vs microwave oven:
Reply from layman:

A convection oven (regular oven) uses heat to cook. It generates heat from electricity, or gas and the heats up the oven chamber. You need to use containers that can withstand the heat without breaking: metal or heat resistant plass (e.g. pyrex).

A microwave oven does not use heat. It gives out small waves (micro) in high frequency. These waves penetrates into your food (e.g. meat). The cells move about because of the waves which then generates heat. Hence the food is cooking from within, if your may. The container you use must not reflect the waves ie. you cannot use metal. Else the waves would be reflected and you get sparking.

In the microwave, you actually can use plastic or glass or ceramic. The container get hot only because the food gets hot which then transfer the heat to the container. (I won't open up the discussion about safe plastics and paints et al but I'm sure someone will point you to a website that will have all the dos and don'ts).

I normally use normal tableware when I can just reheating food and pyrex if I am cooking or baking with microwave.

Note that the external/sides tend to get dry when you cook or reheat with microwave. You need to add a little more water and cover partially for best effect.

Please also be warned: do not cook anything in a tighly sealed container in the microwave. It will explode due to the rising pressure inside. Same with eggs (unless you have pierced the egg yolk) and whole unpeeled potatoes. Bread or pau becomes very hard when heated in a microwave oven and not consumed soon after.

Microwave ovens are miniature versions of a real oven, and they use heat coils to heat food. You can't boil anything in them, but you can heat stuff. They are literally mini ovens. They are two TOTALLY different things, and people who said they are the same obviously have never used one. I just wish people could care about their answers and not give people bad information. I really think you'd be better off doing the research yourself, because people will give you horrible answers, and you can't do a thing about it. Be careful on this site.

I've tried all types over the years. The combination microwave/convection ovens take a long time to pre-heat, so if you bake often, go for a conventional oven as they heat up faster (under 10 mins). Toaster ovens are small and usually don't have temperature controls, so they are only good for small items which can take high temperatures. Anything else will burn outside and be cold inside. I have used gas ovens before, but a long time ago and not often, so can't really compare with modern electric ovens.
But after read some comment, maybe i decide for some simple oven first to bake cakes or grill fish or chicken... hm save my money. the price should be RM100-200.

5) New Matress.... (target April)
Hehe... of coz la. sbb yg ni cam spring ah tak ok... err sbb En Bee suka lompat2 sambil dukung baby Rizq....

Best nye.... hehe tapi budget so-so je....

Ingat nak bli sofa sleeper pun best gak... org dtg senang

yg ni tak tau la beli ke tak.... heheheh. masuk je dlm list.....

6) Nak beli banyak jenis mainan untuk Rizq


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