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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Seminar sambil bercuti dengan keluarga

Salam and Hi,
Last weekend, i had a seminar in Teluk Batik. Since i will be going for 4 days, i decide to bring along both my baby, hihihi... We book an apartment with the seminar secretariat on a price of RM180 per night. At first, i decice to bring along my niece, but their parent did not allowed them to absent from school. So, it just the 3 of us...
Our apartment in Best Western Marina Island Resort have 1 queen bed, and 1 single bed (i should get 3 single bed instead of 1, but they give the room to another big family)

This is the spacious living room. The floor was not carpeted, only tiles. but it's ok for us since it clean. no sofa, only have dining table for two. the TV is flatted screen with all Malaysian tv channel. In the room, we can get a wifi signal, but very weak. The kitchen only equipped with kettle and small fridge.

I like the bathroom because it has a bath tub... my little baby enjoy soaking with bubble (with me or Mr hubby) in the tub since we do not have tub at home.

Bed room contain single bed. 

Please bear with us... hihihi... My baby and me chamwhore after check in. 

Hihi.. Me again....

My baby got ready to jump into a swimming pool... Yahoo....

I only able to enjoy the swimming pool on the last day since the pool open from 8am to 7pm. so, cannot dip at night.... hihi. anyway, my son enjoy the pool very much since he was in there every day from 9am-11am. 

Enjoying the pool with his father every chances he got.

Thanks to the pool staff, they lend my boy the swimming board. really appreciate that.

Shower after swimming.

And a peacefull sleep after tired morning at the pool

We were having a stimboat dinner at second night. 

Another one my son favourite spot, fish pond.

The hotel also have kayaking equipment for rent. only RM25 per hour to row around the area.

See, professional kayak man... haha.  

Breakfast spread on the restaurant was quite ok but not great. Finish food were not been filled/ replenished early, that make people have to wait for that food. Waiters also slow in cleaning the table, and preparing it for other customer. they let us wonder looking for fork and spoon ourselves...
When i order dinner food to be delivered to my room 1 night, we have to call back the kitchen 2 times and have to wait for more than 2 hours before it been delivered to us. at one time they said kitchen were busy and the person had to retake my order, and then she forgot to see which room i'm in. so after 1 call for 3rd time only then they send the food. 

Overall, my score for that hotel;
Location: 4 star
Sleep quality: 4 star
Room: 4 star
Services: 4 star
Restaurant/ kitchen services: 2 star
Restaurant/ kitchen food: 3 star
Cleanliness: 4 star
Value for money: 3.5 star

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