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Friday, April 4, 2014

BestWestern Prima Inland Sea Resort @ Tiara Beach Resort

Lama dah tulis review ni... tp tak upload sbb asik lupa nak amik kamera kat dlm keta... ni baru apa masa lapang untuk upload gambar sikit....

We book a "2014 Promo - 2 Bedroom Family Suite" for a family trip plus we have friends gathering at PD. This is our 1st time staying at Prima Inland Resort. We stay in family suite that has 2 bedroom. the price when we book tru Agoda is RM260. It can be consider cheap, since we also get 4 wristband entrance for water-park.

The room was quite ok. With aircond but without remote provided in room. The beds were clean (1 queen and 2 single). Have 2 bathroom but were small. Have hot water.

Living room was spacious with little furniture. Floor was tiles. TV was old and small with limited channel. Lucky we were out a lot since TV screen was not working well.

We check-in late at 7pm. After dumping our beg, we then straightly going out to dinner without checking the room. When we come back late at night, 1 of the bathroom light was not working. Since it was already late, we didn't even bother to call to ask for light repair.

The hotel was quite far from a nice beach (blue lagoon). Must travel by car.

We lunch at Prima Kitchen. RM32/pax was quite high since not much verity of food served. Food also so-so. I have much more verity for buffet breakfast in other hotel.

Water-park was fun. Can enter as early as 8am until 7pm. Our kids was having fun there.  Pool was big and have also pool for small children.

Worthy of the price we pay include the room.
- entrance to waterpark for 2 session on weekend +-RM50
- room price around RM60.
boleh la....

Since we check in late, we cannot use one of the wristband sbb check in pun dah dkt kul 7. waterpark tutup kul 7. nak tukar ke ptg esk pun tak boleh... hm, takpe la.

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Ain Farahati Maarof said...

Nice place, nice review... Cantik waterpark dia

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