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Saturday, July 13, 2013

To Do or Not To Do: the dilemma of Vaccination

Salam Ramadhan,

Since topik ni tengah hangat diperkatakan sekarang ni, maka blog yg bersawang ni sekali lagi di terjah... hehehe. 

Well sebelum baca tu, anda di minta buka minda. Dr Kirk said:
"I heard a story the other day about how a psychiatrist was working with a man that thought he was a corpse.  He wasn't making any break through.  One day the doc had a bright idea. 
He asked his patient if corpses bleed.  The gentleman replied with, “no, they are dead, living people bleed.”  So the psychiatrist took the guys finger and jabbed it with a needle and the patient’s finger started to bleed.  The patient gazed at the blood trickling down his finger in awe.  The psychiatrist thought he has a breakthrough.
The psychiatrist asks the patient, “What have you learned?”  The patient looks at him with excitement and says, “I guess corpses bleed after all.”
The point of the story is that it is going to be very difficult to change someone’s mind when it comes to something they believe."

No, no... i'm not trying to change your mind. i just would like you to understand why some of them choose not to vaccinate.... Kdg2 sedih sbb kata2 yg dilemparkan oleh 2-2 pihak... 
If you want to convince me to vaccinate, please support with info, journal, research, fact to make me understand to trust it... Not personal attack or scare tactic. 
And if you want me to believed that vaccine is harmful, then provide the evidence, info, research too...
I am not a pro vacc or anti vacc person. I just support pro choice. Meaning saya menyokong ibu bapa diberi pilihan untuk memilih yg terbaik (pada hemat mereka) untuk diri mereka dan anak2 nya.... Since i'm a mother (a newbee too), banyak bnda nak kena belajar atau refresh or revesion balik... huhhhu. Being a mother is not easy.... But a meaningful happy journey (for me...)

Rentetan entry vaksin dr Dr Harlina, which i think very entertaining, and quite easy to understand, saya terpanggil untuk mengajak anda sama2 mambacanya.... TAPI, jgn baca tu saja, baca sekali komen2 kat bawah tu which i think worth your time.....


Against Vaccination articles:




Another link yg ada kat situ yg bermanafaat:
Kandungan vaksin:

Hoe KKM trace and vaccine procedure:

Regarding Thiomersal/ mercury inside vaccine:

Andrew Wakefield:


Untuk memilih bagi pihak org lain amatlah susah.... sbb org tu lah yg akan menanggung akibat dari pilihan kita tu.... 

Ramai yg mengutuk group fb OHUB, tapi sebenarnye group tu banyak mengajar saya untuk tak jadi ibu yg jahil.... I join the group because been invite from someone because i ask her about vaccination. Pada mulanya, saya skeptikal. But THEY are the one who educate me... Who make me change to be a better mom.

It's up to you to choose, but for those mommy that plan to continue vaccination for their child like me (at the moment, until i convince otherwise and my stand at the moment is 50-50), please please please educate yourself... 

Ambil tau tentang vaksin yg nak cucuk tu, tentang penyakitnya, tentang adverse effect nye, dan bagaimana nak buat jika terjadi. 

Don't be an ignorant mother yg dtg serah anak untuk dicucuk sampaikan cucuk untuk apa pun tak tahu.

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