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Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

buat semua.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Raya oh raya.....

waaa.... di saat org berpusu2 nak balik kg, siapkan kuih raya, packing2 beg, kemas2 rumah........
aku masih di sini..... di pejabat. tgh bz siapkan kerja dan terus bekerja sehingga last day ari ahad 28hb....


keja melambak lagi tak siap. tak tau la bila nak siap.
mcm ni maybe stay-up kat ofis until late at night....
dgn kerja bertimbun, bos lak call suruh cari maklumat (nak hari ni gak), menangis woo....
bila buzy, ade je extra kerja yg dia bagi.... tensi weh....

kuih memang tak buat langsung, maybe beli je on the way balik kampung nanti....
baju nasib baik ada dah 2 pasang yg en.bee bagi.....
duit raya pun tak tukar lagi, mintak2 angah ada tukar duit lebih....
rumah kat cni tak payah kemas.... takde sapa nak dtg kot, hwa hahaha....

orait.... nak continue kerja... bubye

Thursday, August 25, 2011

JOM PHOTOBOOK Giveaway by KedaiGambarKami! 17 Aug - 25 Aug 2011

GA datang lagi....... kali ni

Mari3x...... Nak tau tak Kedai Gambar Kami ada buat GA..... Hadiah nye photobook free....
Yeay! best kan kalau dpt buat photobook free...?

Ada 2 kategori:
A: Untuk clients yg pernah menempah photobook
B: Terbuka pada semua pengunjung......

hahaha.... tak pernah lagi jadi pelanggan Kedai Gambar Kami ni wpun pernah cekidaut website nye sbb nak cari OP untuk wedding nanti.
ape2hal pun jom la join GA JOM PHOTOBOOK reramai....

Syarat Kategori B :
1.Terbuka kepada semua pengunjung/fans KedaiGambarKami 2.Mestilah seorang blogger , warganegara Malaysia.Yang menetap di luar negara juga bo
leh join tetapi kos pengeposan ke luar negara hendaklah ditanggung sendiri. 3.Create satu entry sticky mode khas utk giveaway ini. 4.Masukkan banner contest beserta link entry ini. 5.Nyatakan kenapa anda layak menang.Dalam entry anda mesti ada perkataan JOM PHOTOBOOK! Tinggalkan link entry disana.

Kenapa saya layak menang?
Er... sebenarnye takde reason yg specifik sbb tak pernah buat photobook. selalu cuci gambar mcm biasa je kat kedai.... pastu masuk dalam album.... ketinggalan kan? sekarang ni ada can teringin juga nak buat. hahaha.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bagaimana memilih bunga tangan yg sesuai....?

salah satu accessory untuk bride ialah bunga tangan.... tapi ada banyak jenis bunga tangan (in term of shape)..... so, mana satu yg sesuai untuk anda......?

First, nak kena tau body anda berbentuk apa.....

Then, kenal pasti bentuk2 hand bouquet yg ada...
  • Cascade - Also known as fountain, shower or waterfall bouquets, cascade bouquets are rounded at the top with a stream of flowers flowing over the bride's hand for a cascading effect. Just about any type of flower can be used with this style, though large-petaled blooms like roses, calla lilies, lisianthus and orchids are very popular because they give the impression of abundance and drape more naturally. The cascade bouquet is one of the most formal and traditional types of bouquets.
  • Nosegay - Nosegays consist of small, rounded, sparsely packed flowers. These bouquets frequently incorporate more green than other arrangements because they emphasize the flowers' petals and stems. You'll see a lot of irises, tulips, lilies and roses in nosegays. Ribbons can be used to trim these bouquets or to wrap around their stems. Nosegays can go casual or formal.
  • Arm sheaf - An arm sheaf or presentation bouquet is made with long-stemmed flowers that the bride cradles alongside her inner arm. Orchids, long-stemmed roses, gladiolus, delphiniums and calla lilies are often used in these bouquets, which, despite the fact they've been around for more than a century, are still considered perfect for chic and modern ceremonies.
  • Flower bracelet - Also known as wrist corsages, flower bracelets consist of small groupings of flowers, usually orchids or roses, and are attached to an elastic wristband. These bouquets are perfect for brides who'd rather not be encumbered with a bouquet they have to hold. Flower bracelets are stylish in the warm spring and summer months and look great when paired with casual, short-hemmed gowns.

General tips:
  • Small round clusters of flowers are easy to carry, but they need to be in proportion to the dress and bride
  • Big gowns need the balance of bigger and denser bunches of blooms, but keep the overall shape and look in mind
  • Cascade (waterfall-like spill of blooms) needs some height- not recommended for short brides
  • Pageant (a longer, hand-tied bouquet with stems showing - carried sideways-draped over the forearm) is not the best option for brides with big arms or broader shoulders
  • Short dresses look best with smaller or petite bouquets or just single stems
  • Your flower bouquet needs to reflect the overall tone of your wedding, but if your dress is simple, don’t be afraid to go bold in colour or style
  • Keep in mind that your flower bouquet is grander than those carried by your bridesmaids. Theirs show showcase yours by complementing its colour, style and shape.

  • If you want to look slimmer on your wedding day, choose the cascade wedding bouquet. It has a slimming effect because of its shape : from roundish on the top and pointy at the bottom. Want to look slimmer? Choose cascade.
  • If you are tall, you should go for hand-tied or maybe cascade. Never go for round. With the heels you will bewearing, you will seem extra tall on that day. To be seen as a perfect couple, you need to balance your height with your husband-to-be.

    If you want to hide your big hips, go for other bouquets but round. Carrying a round bouquet will make your hips look bigger. Imagine people commenting on your hips on your wedding day. That won't happen to you because now you know.

    If you will be wearing a sleeveless wedding gown, there is one perfect wedding bouquet for you. This bouquet is made for sleeveless gowns. The arm bouquet. It will complement your gown nicely.

    If you prefer a casual look on your wedding day, go for the hand-tied bouquet. The flowers will look as if they are freshly picked from your garden and tied nicely. You will look fresh and natural carrying a hand-tied bouquet.

    If you have a small body, a round bouquet would be perfect. The shape of your body and the bouquet will be balanced, thus creating the perfect look.

  • If you’re curvy
    You have a big chest

    Your arms and stomach may be a little un-exercised.

    You have a wide back and shoulders

    Style tip: Try a long trailing bouquet to create a flattering elongating line, or choose a dramatic bouquet of two or three stems of a tall flower. Steer clear of delicate, tiny flowers - you need to make a bolder statement.

    Star dress style: Fish-tail

    Neat Hourglass- You can carry off any style and shape of flower bouquet, but keep in mind that it has to be in your scale and complement the line and shape of your chosen wedding dress.
    Full Hourglass- Your shape is as well proportioned as the neat hour glass, the only difference is your scale is bigger.
    Avoid: Petite Flower bouquets

    If you’re tall and thin...

    You’re tall, straight and narrow

    In short, you can pretty much wear anything you like

    You don’t have much of a bum or bust and your waist is not really visible

    Style tip: Flatter your body shape with a large, flamboyant bouquet of vibrant colours and interesting shapes which will create curves. Hold your flowers at your waist or just below your bust to accentuate this area.

    Star dress style: Full skirt

    Rectangle- You don’t have much of a waist, but you have a straight line between hips and bust. Avoid: Petite or long and straight lines

    If you're apple shaped

    You carry weight around the bust, waist and behind

    Your arms and legs tend to be quite thin

    You can look your best by making the most of your slim limbs

    Style tip: You can flatter your body shape with a smaller posy made from interesting flowers in a bold colour, which look very sweet held under your bust with an empire-line dress. The neckline of the dress and the flowers will combine to draw people’s eyes away from your tummy and bottom and up to your face.

    Star dress style: Empire.

    Round/ apple- Your fullest point is around your tummy and waist. Avoid: Petite or round shapes. Avoid wearing them at your fullest point

    If you're pear-shaped

    You are bottom heavy (your top half is notably smaller)

    You have a defined waistline

    Your shoulders and bust tend to be slight

    Style tip:You can flatter your body shape by drawing guests' attention upwards. Choose a small or large overarm bouquet and think about a necklace that will pick up on the colours in your bouquet.

    Star dress style: A-line

    Triangle/Pear- You are fuller around your hips than shoulders.Avoid: Triangle flower bouquets

    If you're square-shaped

    You’re petite and naturally muscular

    You have narrow hips and toned shoulders

    You are quite short, so you can easily appear heavier than you are

    Style tip: You can flatter your body shape by having a round bouquet, or a loose country-style arrangement with interesting foliage and big textured flowers, which will add curves to your silhouette.

    Star style: Slinky

    Lean Column- Your body shape and scale are petite and straight - almost a boyish figure. Avoid: Chunky shapes or long and straight lines

    Other alternatif:

    You may prefer something different to a more traditional wedding bouquet. Here are some ideas:

    Single long-stemmed flower
    A single rose or lily tied with ribbon can be a stunning (and much cheaper) alternative to a wedding bouquet.

    Wrist corsage
    This can be one large flower or several smaller flowers (and foliage if you want it) wired to a wrist strap or ribbon and worn like a bracelet.

    A ball made of entirely of flower heads, which has a length of ribbon to tie and hang from the wrist.

    Individual flowers are wired and then attached to a hair comb or individually pinned into your hair.

    Info dari:

    Bouquets to suit your body shape

    Friday, August 19, 2011

    Baju nikah

    My dream solemnization outfit is basicly no non nada....
    aku cuma tak mahu berhabis untuk pakaian yg tak akan di pakai lagi.... i know, many blogger bride decide to sewakan or jual baju nikah @ sanding diaorg, well that one of a good idea.

    but me, i decide to make something that simple and wearable..... :P
    like this...... cantik sgt....

    tak ingat dpt gambar ni dari blog sapa.... lama dah nampak (since masa mula2 blogging), and terus save.... and also decide tak mau warna putih, pasal nanti susah nak jaga (aku ni kdg2 selekeh sikit dan kurang berhati2) dan susah nak pakai semula di majlis kahwin org lain.... jadi setelah berjaya meyakin kan en bee, kami pilih

    hehe... ala2 autumn/fall wedding la kan.....

    kain dah beli... takde lace2, takde beaded2... simple material je.... lepas siap jahit baru nak hantar jahit bead.... hm, mula2 ingat nak DIY, tapi.... tangan i keras ler.... kaku je, tak pernah menjahit kecuali masa kelas kemahiran hidup dulu masa belajar jahit butang.....

    and now, seriusli memang tak tau jahit kecuali jahit butang... hahahaha. dulu waktu subjek kemahiran hidup, aku masuk kelas SP (Sains Pertanian), bukan ERT (Elektif Rumah Tangga).... dan anda lihat hasil nye sekarang ----> tangan keras yg lebih selesa pegang cangkul, gunting dan pongkes dari jarum dan benang... awwww

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    argh.... benci...

    semala masa pergi bazar ramadhan, ada pulak si minah ni langgar bumper belakang keta aku...
    tu tak pe lagi pasal scratch je (tetap menangis T.T aku tengok) tp tak kemek.

    yg nak jadi hot nye, dia nak blah mcm tu je.... geram punya pasal aku pun kejar le. pastu dia berhenti kat kedai... aku cam pasal dia pakai tudung kuning (dan tak pakai helmet) dan bawak mak dia. aku pun parking la kereta dan terjah....

    aku: adik.... dah langgar keta saya kenapa blah mcm tu je. tak mintak maaf ke apa ke?

    dia: saya nampak dah akak berhenti kat tepi tu tadi, tapi saya nak cepat, dah kul 6 ni, nanti kedai tutup.

    aku: adik ingat saya tak tau ke kedai ni sampai mlm pun bukak lagi. at least berhenti la mintak maaf dulu.

    dia: abis tu, la ni akak nak apa? nak duit ke? (dgn nada ek)

    aku: duit tu tak penting. yg penting tu budi bahasa, tata susila.....

    masa ni darah aku memang dah menyirap sampai kat kepala. kurang ajar betul. mcm la banyak duit sgt. padahal aku tau keluarga dia tu mcm mana (pasal mak dia tu salah seorg pekerja am kat tempat aku)

    aku jarang sembang dgn mak dia, tp cam la muka (pasal aku ada la sekali-2 tumpangkan bila jumpa dia jalan kaki nak p keja....) and tau la cerita pasal keluarga dia, coz one of my ex-staff punya isteri selalu sedekah kuih2 & nasi lemak sarapan pagi kat mak dia, tp mak dia tak makan, sanggup simpan nak bawa balik bagi kat anak mkn.

    si anak pulak..... ya rabbi... mcm ni perangai.... aku blah terus. kalau aku tak kenal mak dia, memang kena lempang minah tu.


    tp aku ni pun tak perfect, aku masih marah lagi....

    sbb apa aku kata mcm ni?

    pasal aku TAK tumpangkan pun makcik tu pagi tadi wpun nampak dia..... jahat kan aku ni.... dem.... dem.... dem....
    suke berdendam,
    ................ but i can't help it..............

    aku marah pasal dia pun wat tak tau.
    tak tegur anak dia & atleast say sorry to me.

    susah sangat ke nak cakap, M.A.A.F.
    bukan kena bayar pun. like i said, money is not everything............................ kesal........

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    Perihal progression wedding preparation

    lama tak update pasal wedding preparation... bukan apa, sebenarnye prepation progress zero, nada, illek..... otak stuck bercampur baur dgn kadar kemalasan yg agak tinggi...... nak join apa2 contest pun takde idea okey.... tak tau la nape.... 10sion

    patutnye bulan ni nak kena settle separuh barang hantaran, tapi...................

    tiap2 minggu aku ngn en bee dating, tapi tak penah nye beli satu apa pun.... tension..... antara sebab musababnye:

    1) aku suke survey dulu, bila dapat yg berkenan & harga yg terbaik, baru nak beli... en bee lak malas nak survey2, nak main belasah beli je.... mana boleh mcm tu.

    2) mcm mana la nak survey2, asik p tempat yg sama je..... taiping3x... adoi.... ajak p penang tak mau, padahal bukan jauh sgt pun... alasannye malas sbb jln jem..... bila ajak merempit naik motor tak nak lak.... haish.... geram tau.

    3) nak aku je yg p sorg, tak boleh gak, pasal en bee ni cerewet.... barang2 untuk aku takpe dia suruh main beli je, tp barang dia, nak benda2 yg spesifik mengikut kesukaan dia, tu yg payah....

    contoh: nak beli wallet. dia nak wallet leather ini macam:

    1) yg berzip okey......

    2) ada satu flip ni kat dalam mcm ni......

    macam ni......

    3) nak jahitan dia kemas
    4) tahan lasak
    5) kalau boleh kalis air
    6) err... ape lagi ek.....

    ha, cerewet tak??? aku pun tak mcm tu. asal design menarik, kualiti okey, rembat je..... tu baru bab wallet... belum barang2 lain lagi...... aduh... mau tak tension....

    Pastu pasal 1 sepersalinan lak.... kitaorg decide since kami ber2 ni keja tak pakai formal attire, nak bagi pakaian kasual or non-formal. one of that is jeans.... jeans pulak 1 hal.....

    1) he PREFER (or should i say specifically said prefer) button fly jeans.... argh....

    2) dengan straight cutting......

    3) ada lak specifik preference color
    a wash-out like this is a no no no... yg biru sangat pun tak nak.....

    sapa la yg punye idea button fly jeans ni??? ada pun brand Levis je.... tu pun agak sukar nak cari yg berkenan di hati.... hwa....

    bukan tak boleh beli lain dari yg en bee suka, tapi for sure dia tak pakai dan sedekah kat org lain je dia nanti..... memang perangai dia mcm tu...

    okey... enough of that..... before raya nak kena settle dah semua tu.... by hook or by crook....

    next things to share,
    sblm ni kan ada kata teringin nak cincin yg boleh engrave nama ni.... nice... i like. tak mau ada batu2 ke apa, pasal nak pakai selalu, tiap2 hari.... takut lak batu jatuh ke apa ke.... i dream just a nice simple wedding ring, yg design complement for each other for him and me like this:
    cantik tau... tp tak nak batu2 tu la.... design nak mcm ni..... pas tu nak engrave nama kat cincin tu..... sebelah dalam lak nak engrave tarikh nikah..... hahahah, mcm2 tak? ada ke custom made jeweller yg boleh tolong buat kan mcm ni....?

    Saturday, August 13, 2011


    nak update tp bulan2 posa ni jadi takde mood pulak, lotih.... hahaha. tiap ari blogwalking je...
    anyway, selamat berbuka hari ni......

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    candy online

    Candy online: candy.com

    online grocery store: khas.com

    yummy candy or jelly?: sticky.com <--- sangat menarik tp website tak siap sepenuhnya. really nak tau harga sticky candy ni without bottle sbb kalu beli dengan packaging botol agak mahal.

    dates online: meera dates

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    paper bag & box

    Paper bag & box.... area penang
    from syafa. review tentang ni here

    address: PPH Sdn BhdPlot 468 & 482,
    Jalan Perusahaan Baru,
    Prai Industrial Estate, 13600 Prai, Penang

    Engraved ring, nice kan? teringin nak buat ni untuk wedding ring....